While it is important to receive it is equally valuable to serve. 

It is a necessary and exciting way to grow in Jesus. 

Cultivating a servant's heart and attitude is to be more like Jesus. 

Service teams are instrumental in providing the care that goes into preparing for and having our gatherings. Plus, service ministries touch lives in practical ways in order to convey the compassionate love of Jesus to our community and new comers alike.

Below is a description of different types of opportunities to get involved in and grow.

We invite you to find one that fits and allow yourself to be strengthened in your walk with Jesus.

Click HERE to request info or to get involved.

  • Audio / video

    ministry leader: loren jones

    The audio/visual teams play an integral role in worship, teaching of God’s Word, and spreading information to our church family. Working behind the scenes together with the worship team, the pastor, and other teams, we increase the effectiveness of each ministry. Through sound and multimedia, we enhance the presentation of the gospel in order to draw people to Christ.

  • Coolbeans coffee lounge

    ministry leaders: brian barragan, kayla tuttle, jenny quesada

    Experience a little taste of heaven. Stop by WellSpring 's Coffee Lounge and get one of a variety of hot, cold and blended espresso drinks. You won't be disappointed and it will help you stay awake while listening to Pastor Scott!

  • Creative / drama team

    ministry leader: michele jones

    We believe that when the gospel is presented in a relevant way that people can understand, they will respond. Art engages the emotional and intellectual sides, and when combined with the spoken message from God’s Word, the impact is significantly greater. Using a variety including special music, signing, drama, painting, and many others, we purpose to use well the gifts and talents God has blessed our church family with.

  • greeters

    ministry leader: gina koehn

    As greeters, we make people feel welcome at church! By greeting each person with a smile and maybe a hug, we make a personal connection before service even begins. We’re the first people visitors encounter at WellSpring, and work to make a good impression.  

    We're the team that can help when you have questions like, "Where do my kid's go to class?" or "Where can I get a cup or two of coffee?" Just track us down, we're the only ones walking around with name badges on.

  • hospitality

    ministry leader: michele jones

    On a regular basis WellSpring provides refreshments for visitors and regulars alike. Food is a great way to convey friendship and provide an environment for conversation. In fact, sitting down and having a meal with someone in the Bible was considered family. 

  • manna

    ministry leader: marc broom

    “What You Do To The Least Of These You Do to Me” (Jesus). Twice monthly we provide bagels, bread, rolls and alike to anyone in need. You can also make use of this ministry by picking some bread up and taking it to a neighbor, co-work or family member who it would help out.

  • ushers

    ministry leader: sandy bowles

    As Ushers, our mission is to make people feel welcome and comfortable here at WellSpring. If we do our job well, it’s likely that nobody will be aware of us. We care for the physical environment of the areas used on Sunday mornings, and seek to minimize distractions during service. Our heart is to serve God by serving His family.