Understanding what connects you to god

There are many things throughout our day that help connect or hinder us from connecting with the Lord.

You can be part of a unique opportunity to better understand your spiritual development.

Inspired by pastor/author John Ortberg and conducted by a team led by Bradley Wright, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut this is a study to help us understand what positively or negatively contributes to a vital spiritual life. Twice a day for two weeks, participants receive questions asking about their experiences of spirituality, their emotions, activities and more at the moment the text messages arrive.

Were they feeling satisfied, loved, happy, hostile, sleepy or stressed? Were they more or less aware of God when they were commuting or computing or hanging out with family and friends?

You personally will get results of things that benefit your spiritual life as well of what takes away from it. 

If you have a smart phone you can sign up.

Check out the video by clicking on the graphic below.