new to wellspring?

On behalf of my wife Robin, myself, and the whole WellSpring family, we want to welcome you to our site and tell you a little bit about our church. 

As you’re well aware, life can be challenging, so we do everything we can to ensure that WellSpring is a place of refreshing. Just as water is essential for life, we believe that WellSpring is that refreshing drink of water for your soul. 

WellSpring offers a safe place, an oasis, no matter your background. It’s where you’ll find healing and hope, and as you do, you’ll discover it’s a great place to celebrate life in relationship with God. 

That really is what we're about - relationship with God. We’re convinced that life is truly about having a biblical relationship with Jesus and with one another. WellSpring is a church where you’ll grow with God and find your place in this world. 

We are certainly not  perfect people, but we are a community who longs to know more of the Lord and His love while we grow in healthy relationships with each other, all the while reaching out to our community. 

I trust that when you visit, you too will receive a refreshing drink for your soul. I also hope that sometime soon you might see WellSpring as your church home. 

We here at WellSpring we want to be a refreshing oasis for you and others in the Valley. Come, and experience it for yourself! 

Hoping to meet you,

Pastor Scott