Every Christian is responsible for growing in Jesus - but we cannot do it without the support of others. Authentic relationships in small group communities provide us with support and encouragement through accountability, and give us the opportunity to do the same for others.

While Sunday morning services are designed for the entire church family to gather and celebrate life in Jesus, small groups provide a place to know and be known by others. We were created for genuine & authentic relationship.

Small Groups are also a great place to get connected if you’re new to WellSpring.

See below for Small Group Options:

life groups

Focused on support & encouragement through accountability

Life Groups meet in homes around the valley, and provide a relaxed and casual setting to share what is going on in our lives. Each group has a time of discussion surrounding the Word of God, and support and encouragement based on authentic relationships. They meet on the 1st & 3rd week of the month..


Join us on a Sunday to find out more.

discipleship classes

Classes are held periodically throughout the year at WellSpring to encourage growth and enrichment



Have you become a Christian and want to know how to grow in your faith? Building on a Strong Foundation will help you establish habits essential to your walk with Christ.

Topics include...

Understanding the Bible,

Understanding being born again

Growing as a Christian

Living as a Christian

You’ll be given key resources and strategies to strengthen your relationship with the Lord and with others in your life.

Come and be blessed as you see your Christian experience expand from Sunday morning to every day and every part of your life...



More than just a membership class, Joining the Church explores the basics of our faith, our denominational affiliation, and our history as a church body; this class is about partnership.

Get to know all about what makes WellSpring a unique place of worship as we take a look at our ...

Biblical Purpose, 

Core Values, 


Hear from the heart of our pastor and other church leaders as they present WellSpring’s plan to reach unsaved people in our community...

You’ll find there’s a method to our madness, a reason for the joy you experience here, and a specific purpose for God calling you here to WellSpring!



“Every member is a minister who has been given gifts to be discovered, developed, and deployed...”  

Just like the pieces in a puzzle, we all fit together perfectly in God’s design for ministry here at WellSpring. Come discover more about your...

Spiritual gifting,

Personality type,

Ministry skills


Doing church as a team means that each person has a place no one else can fill. As everyone does their part, preaching the gospel the best way they know how - through ushering, drama ministry, or caring for children - people will come to know Christ here at WellSpring.  

Come and find your perfect fit..