On behalf of my wife Robin, myself, and the whole WellSpring church family, we want to welcome you to our site and tell you about a few things that might interest you.

We do all we can to ensure that WellSpring is a place where you can be refreshed. Like an ice cold drink of water on a hot SoCal summer day, we expect that your experience at WellSpring will be like a refreshing drink of water for your soul. 

WellSpring offers a safe place, an oasis if you will, no matter your background or history. You’ll find hope and healing, as well as discover a great place to grow in a relationship with God and people. 

That really is what we're about - relationship with God and people. We’re convinced that life is truly about having a Biblical relationship with Jesus and with one another. WellSpring is a church where you’ll grow with God and find your place in the community. 

We are certainly not perfect, but we are a community who longs to experience more of the Lord and His love while we grow in healthy relationships with each other, all while reaching out to our community. 

We'd love to meet you when you come to experience it for yourself, so please stop by to introduce yourself. 

Pastor Scott & Robin

If you want to know more about

what to expect on your first visit...

2019 Bible Reading plan

This year WellSpring’s SCC Group (Staff, Core Ministry Team Leaders & Church Council) have listed some of their favorite books in the Bible to use as a reading plan for 2019. It is designed to help give a simple, manageable and meaningful path to be in the Word daily.

We would love to have the entire church join with us, if you don’t already have a plan you use or if you’d like to forgo that plan this year to follow along with us. There is a powerful opportunity the Lord has when the entire community follows the same Bible Reading Plan. 

Above is the link to the Reading Plan. It is broken up by month and book. Here are a couple ways to use the plan:

  • Read one chapter a day in the designated book. 
  • If a book has more chapters than days in the month and you want to read the entire book simply divide the chapters into how many days in the month and read the necessary number of chapters a day. 
  • If a book has fewer chapters then days in the month, we suggest you read a chapter a day and then start at the beginning and read the book again. We’ll trust that God is so wonderfully deep and complex that He’ll reveal new things each time you read through it.

Jump right in with us!

Pastor Scott and WellSpring Leaders

P.S. We will also be using this reading plan during the upcoming 21-Day Daniel Fast beginning January 28 and concluding February 17 at our weekend service.