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What is a daily devotion and how do I do it? 

Devotions are a wonderful and critical part of any believer's growth in Jesus. It's an opportunity to take time each day to connect with and hear from the Lord. Devotions are about being discipled by the Holy Spirit. 

Below is a description of how to journal what you've heard from the Lord as you read. We use the acrostic G.R.O.W.TH. to help keep our journalling on track. 

Let's get started... 

G is for GOD'S WORD: copying it!

Writing out Scripture is a practice that dates back thousands of years. God’s Word has been written and passed on in countless languages and forms for generations. As you read the Bible each day, specific words, sentences, paragraphs and stories will stand out to you, having particular significance. You may want to highlight or underline the scripture in your Bible. Not only will writing out the scripture - word for word - help you apply God’s instructions to your present situations, it will also help you take the truth to heart and learn it for a lifetime, giving you the ability to affect and influence your future circumstances.

R is for REFLECT ON IT: processing it!

Writing out personal observations regarding what you hear and see while reading the Bible is where the journey in a journal really begins. While surveying Scripture, questions typically arise: What is it that stands out to you? What is God revealing to you through this particular verse? Who are you in this story? Is this something you see in your present situation? What principle for a fruitful life is God trying to disclose here? Stopping for a moment to reflect gives you a greater ability to be taught through God’s Word. Writing down your thoughts helps you communicate your feelings.

O is for OFFER IT UP: requesting it!

Writing out personal prayer has immense benefits because it requires you to think through what you’re communicating to God. Rather than just speaking and forgetting what you have asked, recording your prayers, notes your specific desires for the present and the future. This section is regarding your prayer directly connected to your reflection on that day's entry. prayer releases to God the task of accomplishing those things which concern you.

W is for WALK IT OUT: living it!

Writing out personal application to what you see and hear from God’s Word is a discipline most of us often leave out because it seems difficult to live out. Where do you need to apply this wisdom from God? In what areas of life does God desire change? Where can you use God’s Word to transform current situations? As you write down God’s purposes for your life, you become accountable to Him, to obey and love Him as He directs you. 

TH is for THINK ON IT: asking the big question...

How will I be different today because of what I have read in God’s Word and written in my journal? Take 2-5 mins to pause here in some silence and solitude.

God’s greatest desire in this GROWTH process is that you experience the Christian life as a daily adventure – not an obligatory duty. Just like a tree will not have fruits without roots, the Christian life will be fruitless without being substantially rooted in God’s principles, formed in the soil of His love, and found in the pages of His Word. Your GROWTH Journal will help you actively create and sustain a healthy spiritual root system. Every component of a spiritual life builds upon the other and cannot function independently. Don’t just survive...THRIVE!!


Why should I believe what the Bible says? 

How do I know I can trust it? 

After all, it's thousands of years old!

That's a valid concern, so Harvest Ministries put together a little e-book that touches on the credibility of Scripture. It's called Is the Bible Reliable? and it's yours for free if you're interested.

To get your copy click on Is the Bible Reliable?

I hope it helps you feel more confident in answering difficult questions as you get out there and share your faith!

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