Bible reading plan

What is a daily devotion and how do I do it? 

Devotions are a wonderful and critical part of any believer's growth in Jesus. It's an opportunity to take time each day to connect with and hear from the Lord. Devotions are about being discipled by the Holy Spirit. 

Below is a description of how to journal what you've heard from the Lord as you read. We use the accrostic W.A.S.H. to help keep our journalling on track. 

Let's get started... 

W is for Word 

Before you begin ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and to reveal Jesus to you. Read the passages. As you are reading, underline anything the Lord impresses to your life personally. Then turn to a fresh page in your journal to write the verses that God has just shown you. 

A is for Apply 

Now enter how you can apply the verse(s) personally. 

S is for Serve 

Next enter how you can serve others based on the verse(s) you've written down. 

H is for Heart-to-Heart 

Finally write a prayer that expresses a heart-to-heart conversation with the Lord. 

The Gospel of John tells us that the Word became flesh in Jesus. Jesus told Simon Peter that He washes the feet of His disciples. A daily time in the Word of God (The Bible) is like getting a good wash.


Why should I believe what the Bible says? 

How do I know I can trust it? 

After all, it's thousands of years old!

That's a valid concern, so Harvest Ministries put together a little e-book that touches on the credibility of Scripture. It's called Is the Bible Reliable? and it's yours for free if you're interested.

To get your copy click on Is the Bible Reliable?

I hope it helps you feel more confident in answering difficult questions as you get out there and share your faith!

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