This year WellSpring’s SCC Group (Staff, Core Ministry Team Leaders & Church Council) have listed some of their favorite books in the Bible to use as a reading plan for 2019. It is designed to help give a simple, manageable and meaningful path to be in the Word daily.

We would love to have the entire church join with us, if you don’t already have a plan you use or if you’d like to forgo that plan this year to follow along with us. There is a powerful opportunity the Lord has when the entire community follows the same Bible Reading Plan. 

Below is the link to the Reading Plan. It is broken up by month and book. Here are a couple ways to use the plan:

  • Read one chapter a day in the designated book. 
  • If a book has more chapters than days in the month and you want to read the entire book simply divide the chapters into how many days in the month and read the necessary number of chapters a day. 
  • If a book has fewer chapters then days in the month, we suggest you read a chapter a day and then start at the beginning and read the book again. We’ll trust that God is so wonderfully deep and complex that He’ll reveal new things each time you read through it.

Join in with us!

Pastor Scott and WellSpring Leaders

Let us know you'll be reading with us.