Child & youth protection videos

It is our great privilege and blessing to care for and share the love of God with children and youth at WellSpring.

The following videos are designed to help provide a safe, secure and happy environment for children & youth. Keeping children safe takes diligent oversight and a heartfelt conviction that children and youth deserve our best. 

Included below are four training sessions that must be watched by ALL adults working with children and/or youth. 

(At the WellSpring Wild Kingdom training or youth training you would have received material that accompanies each of these videos with blanks to be filled out. Once you have completed this training return your filled out material to your WWK or youth team leader.)

Thank you for joining us in our commitment to keep kids and adults safe.

(Click on the icons to watch each training session)

  • session 1

    Preserving god's call in the life of a child

    Objective 1: Understand the Effects of Child Abuse

    Objective 2: Commit to Safe Ministries in our Ministries

    Objective 3: How Molesters Operate

    Objective 4: Protecting Staff and Volunteers from False Accusations of Abuse


    Protection and purity

    Objective 1: Commit to Effective Abuse Prevention

    Objective 2: Identify and Take Action on Warning Signs of Abuse

    Objective 3: Understand and Implement Proactive and Redemptive Responses to Allegations of Abuse


    Boundaries, Behavior and barriers

    Objective 1: Boundaries for Staff and Volunteers

    Objective 2: Boundaries for Staff and Volunteers

    Objective 3: Barriers About Reporting Other Adults


    Self-Protection With Godly Confidence

    Objective 1: Define Youth to Youth Maltreatment

    Objective 2: Describe Basic Symptoms of Youth to Youth Maltreatment

    Objective 3: Discover Steps for Prevention of Youth to Youth Maltreatment

    Objective 4: Develop Action Steps to Respond Redemptively to Youth to Youth Maltreatment