Firesquad Wednesday Schedule

Thank you for your heart to serve our youth!

Please arrive 15 mins before service.

(If you are not able to be at service please take the steps to find someone to cover you.)

  • Week 1 team

    Speaker: Michele

    Announcements: Brandon

    AV: Alyssa

    Games: Jared, Emma, Bella

  • Week 2 team

    Speaker: Jessica

    Announcements: Isaiah

    AV: Brandon

    Games: Emma, Alyssa

  • Week 3 team

    Speaker: Michele

    Announcements: Jared

    AV: Isaiah

    Games: Bella, Jessica

  • Week 4 team

    Speaker: Jessica

    Announcements: Alyssa

    AV: Jared

    Games: Isaiah, Brandon


    Speaker: David

    Announcements: Bella

    AV: Brandon

    Games: Emma, Jessica, Jared